About Us

We pride ourselves on family values and are proud to serve the people of Norfolk and Suffolk with genuine, honest and trustworthy advice in the construction trade. We at the EZI – Group look to be the go to place for your Renovation needs.

With exceptional knowledge and experience in construction not only are we specialists in installing new, we can help with existing renovations, design and improvements that will improve your homes value whilst keeping costs down.

With the up most importance we carry out thorough work and only install to the highest standard with you and your money in mind, we have one simple saying…

We only install to the standard we’d expect on our own properties.

Why choose us

Quality Workmanship You Can Trust
Quality Products Built To Last
10 Year Guarantee On Installations
2 Year Warranty On Repairs
Manufacturers Warranty As Standard
Periodic Servicing
Price Considerate
Aftercare That Matches The Initial Installation
Socially Distanced
GDPR Assured

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